Inventory Wolf

Inventory Wolf is an inventory app for disaster preparedness. Whether you are new to prepping, or already have substantial stores, Inventory Wolf is for you.


  • A simple onboarding experience to quickly setup a prepping plan based on relevant situations, such as:
    • Earthquakes
    • Winter storms
    • Hurricanes and flooding
    • … and more
  • Recommended food supplies are designed to adhere to the 2020 USDA Dietary Guidelines
  • Set prepping goals for each item and view the Shopping List report to see what’s still needed
  • Set expiration dates for items and get push notifications when items are expiring, or see what’s expiring at any time in the Expiring Items report
  • Includes a built-in barcode scanner, connected to a database of millions of items, to speed up inventory data entry
  • Manage multiple storage caches
  • Multiple data management options, including
    • CSV file export and import
    • Backup your inventory database to a file you can email and share
    • Or stay fully private – none of your inventory data is sent outside of the app
  • Fully customizable and nestable item categories and caches
Limited version – FreeUnlimited version – USD $0.99 in-app purchase
Track unlimited number of desired items, but record a maximum of 50 on-hand items.No limits.
Push notifications for expiring items
CSV export of entire inventory
Includes all future premium features; immunity to any price changes.

Latest News

October 31, 2020: Version 1.0.20 is out!

  • Added ability to add custom units
  • Fixed Category editor bug that could cause the app to crash

October 24, 2020: Version 1.0.19 is out!

  • Added item search. You can now search for items based on their Names and Notes fields.
  • Fixed crash happening on Android 5.0 devices

New features coming soon

  • Encrypted data sync across multiple devices, and backups to the cloud
  • Shareable links to share your inventory, and inventory templates
  • Large screen formatting improvements, especially for iPad