The app that gets you prepared

Inventory Wolf is an inventory app for disaster preparedness. Whether you are new to prepping, or already have substantial stores, Inventory Wolf is for you.


4.5 out of 5 stars on Google Play


4.4 out of 5 stars in the App Store

Get started right away

Use our customized recommendations to setup a prepping plan

Track what you need

Check the Shopping List while you're at the store and pickup needed items

Manage what you have

Get notifications about expiring items

How to get prepared

Step 1

Setup a prepping plan

Step 2

Acquire your supplies

Step 3

Maintain your stores

Features our users love

Comprehensive recommendations

Get target preps for your whole family including pets and vehicles


Fully configurable item categories, caches, and custom units

Built-in barcode scanner

Connected to databases of millions of items

New features and frequent updates

We're continually improving the app

CSV file import and export

You can work your inventory in a spreadsheet, then re-import it

Data synchronization

Keep your family current with what you have

Why people use Inventory Wolf

"Absolutely, 100%, hands-down, the most intuitive app I've ever used. The auto generated lists are EXTREMELY thorough, and the custom lists are insanely easy to create. Plus. Every parameter can be edited. Bonus points for guns and zombies, because they're fun."
Ryan Robinson
Google Play
"Wow! Exactly what I have needed to organize my food and other supplies. Easy to use and see what, how much, and where everything is. Even comes with suggestions."
Mom Bird 8
Apple App Store
"Very well put together app. Highly customizable. Includes expiration notifications so I can keep my rotations up to date. Also has a shopping list so I don't have to scroll through things I already have to find things that I need. Includes zombie apocalypse cache list. You know, just in case."
John Debrunner
Google Play

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* Note that each App Store and Google Play account needs to purchase the Unlimited upgrade to sync data.ย 

Latest news

June 29, 2021

Version 1.1.17 is out!

June 24, 2021

Version 1.1.16 is out!

May 22, 2021

Version 1.1.5 is out!