Inventory Wolf

Inventory Wolf is an inventory app for disaster preparedness. Whether you are new to prepping, or already have substantial stores, Inventory Wolf is for you.


  • A simple onboarding experience to quickly setup a prepping plan based on relevant situations, such as:
    • Earthquakes
    • Winter storms
    • Hurricanes and flooding
    • … and more
  • Recommended food supplies are designed to adhere to the 2020 USDA Dietary Guidelines
  • Set prepping goals for each item and view the Shopping List report to see what’s still needed
  • Set expiration dates for items and get push notifications when items are expiring, or see what’s expiring at any time in the Expiring Items report
  • Includes a built-in barcode scanner, connected to a database of millions of items, to speed up inventory data entry
  • Manage multiple storage caches
  • Multiple data management options, including
    • CSV file export and import
    • Backup your inventory database to a file you can email and share
    • Or stay fully private – none of your inventory data is sent outside of the app
  • Fully customizable and nestable item categories and caches
Limited version – FreeUnlimited version – USD $0.99 in-app purchase
Track unlimited number of desired items, but record a maximum of 50 on-hand items.No limits.
Push notifications for expiring items
CSV export of entire inventory
Includes all future premium features; immunity to any price changes.

Latest News

March 2, 2021: Help beta-test automated backup and data sync across multiple devices

We’re looking for some people to test this new feature out before it goes live. It was a lot more involved than we’d anticipated, but we have a robust solution worked out. We also swapped out the push notifications server (for expiring items notifications) to use the same technology as we use for backup/sync and need to make sure it’s solid.

If you’re interested, here’s more information about the feature: Automated Backup and Data Synchronization. Send us a Contact with your email and whether you’re on Android or iPhone, and we’ll queue you up for an invite.

January 16, 2021: Development update

We’re working on data sync across multiple devices, with backups to the cloud. We’re taking care to get it right and robust, but also cost efficient, ie, cheap. We’re evaluating swapping out our current push notifications service for one that will also allow for notifying the app when another user has updated a shared inventory, so we can sync more intelligently.

We’ll most likely do a beta test of the new data sync functionality to better work out any kinks before launching it for everyone. Stay tuned if you’d like to be a part of that.

The first iteration of data sync will be unencrypted. Once we release the first iteration, we’ll do a round of smaller improvements from our backlog, then work on encrypted data sync.

November 28, 2020: Added support article for barcode scanning

October 31, 2020: Version 1.0.20 is out!

  • Added ability to add custom units
  • Fixed Category editor bug that could cause the app to crash